Who we’re speak­ing to

Studio owners

Good business owners are sick of cheesy business books written by self-appointed, self-promotional marketing gurus telling them to ‘Crush it’ or ‘Level up’ or ‘Dominate’ their golden circles. They support solid, sustainable work done well and with integrity. A studio should be a creative place that takes care of its employees, cares about its clients, and produces great work. Our business owners are the key to helping our industry get better by running respectful businesses on their own terms, not to win awards they had to pay for.

Project managers

Digital PMs are the glue in our creative studios. They keep the clients happy, the team together, the bills paid, and the weekends clear. These are the unsung heroes that support our organizations, ask for no credit, and rarely get recognition. We love our DPMs and want to give them the voice, the support, and the shared experiences they’ve long deserved but didn’t know where to find.

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