A handy guide for your con­tent style and structure.

Stick with it to shape your prose into a Loud­er Than Ten styled work of art: let’s cre­ate sharp con­tent that will make our audi­ence think, laugh, decon­struct, share, and read it over again.

When in doubt, stick to the Chica­go Man­u­al of Style and mem­o­rize George Orwell’s sim­ple guide to writ­ing like it was your grandmother’s birth­day. Com­bined, these make up our bible for Loud­er Than Ten con­tent creation.

Voice and tone

Our voice includes all of the ways we speak or interact with our audience in the digital and offline environment


Here is a breakdown of how to approach the formatting of everything from abbreviations to zebras.


Guidelines for photos and illustrations


Who we’re speaking to

Approved and unapproved content


  • Fact check.
  • Treat others with respect.
  • Credit other people’s ideas.
  • Check your sources. And vary them.
  • Say something controversial or opinionated.
  • Look for a new angle on an old topic.


  • Don’t assume that because it’s on the internet, it’s the truth.
  • Don’t link to click bait or reprints; find the original.
  • Don’t write to enflame or defame.
  • Don’t be wishy washy; say something!
  • Don’t be boring or tame.

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